About Freestate Farms

Freestate Farms is motivated by its desire to provide sustainable waste management, renewable energy, and local organic food production solutions to Northern Virginia and the larger Metropolitan Washington DC Region, as well as to other partner communities throughout the United States.

In mid-2015, Freestate Farms began receiving organic waste for composting at its first Northern Virginia facility, and at the same time began detailed planning and permitting for the more advanced and fully-integrated elements of that facility, which are scheduled to begin coming online in early 2019.  Once complete, this first integrated Freestate Farms facility will recycle over 160,000 tons per year of organic waste into high-value compost, soil products, and non-synthetic fertilizers, generate baseload renewable energy and environmental attributes, and produce fresh locally-grown organic fruits and vegetables for sale back into the community.

  • Douglas Ross, CEO
  • Denton Baldwin, Founder
Contact:  info@freestatefarmsva.com